Monday, July 19, 2010

All Grown Up~

First and foremost.. heartiest congratulations to all my cousins, Inur, Alif and Alai, for their entrance to University! and also to all Bruneians that managed to enter UBD and ITB for their degree course. Its gonna be a very memorable moments in your life I tell you. Words can not describe how interesting it is...

All I can say... Learn all you can, make friends with every body you met, make memories where you can and savour every bits during those years...

Great wisdom is generous; petty wisdom is contentious. Great speech is impassioned, small speech cantankerous.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Is that yours?

Is that yours?
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ain't this cute!! I love it! Photos not taken by me, but i love it so much.. it deserves to be shared~ Enjoy the rest of his sets. He's good! :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

What's happening to our society?

Last time I want to buy a magazine... but I decided to go against that because in every magazine cover I see the word S-E-X?
So basically that is the selling point of every magazine, dramas and movies nowadays?
No wonder we're heading towards doom.

Just a penny of my thoughts~

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ikhwan kah kita?

I read this from and I almost cried...


Al-kisah sebuah pertemuan baginda dengan sahabat-sahabatnya:

Di saat mana Rasulullah mengatakan dia merindui saudara-saudaranya, suasana di majlis pertemuan itu hening sejenak. Semua yang hadir diam membatu. Mereka seperti sedang memikirkan sesuatu. Lebih-lebih lagi Saidina Abu Bakar. Itulah pertama kali dia mendengar orang yang sangat dikasihi melafazkan pengakuan demikian.

Seulas senyuman yang sedia terukir dibibirnya pun terungkai. Wajahnya yang tenang berubah warna.
"Apakah maksudmu berkata demikian wahai Rasulullah? Bukankah kami ini saudara-saudaramu?"

Saidina Abu Bakar bertanya melepaskan gumpalan teka-teki yang mula menyerabut fikiran.

"Tidak, wahai Abu Bakar. Kamu semua adalah sahabat-sahabatku tetapi bukan saudara-saudaraku (ikhwan)," suara Rasulullah bernada rendah.

"Kami juga ikhwanmu, wahai Rasulullah," kata seorang sahabat yang lain pula. Rasulullah menggeleng-gelangkan kepalanya perlahan-lahan sambil tersenyum.

Kemudian baginda bersuara:
"Saudaraku ialah mereka yang belum pernah melihatku tetapi mereka beriman denganku sebagai Rasul Allah dan mereka sangat mencintaiku. Malahan kecintaan mereka kepadaku melebihi cinta mereka kepada anak-anak dan orang tua mereka."

Pada ketika yang lain pula, Rasulullah menceritakan tentang keimanan ‘ikhwan’ baginda:

"Siapakah yang paling ajaib imannya?" tanya Rasulullah.

"Malaikat," jawab sahabat.
"Bagaimana para malaikat tidak beriman kepada Allah sedangkan mereka sentiasa hampir dengan Allah," jelas Rasulullah. Para sahabat terdiam seketika.

Kemudian mereka berkata lagi, "Para nabi."
"Bagaimana para nabi tidak beriman, sedangkan wahyu diturunkan kepada mereka."

"Mungkin kami," celah seorang sahabat.
"Bagaimana kamu tidak beriman sedangkan aku berada ditengah-tengah kau," pintas Rasulullah menyangkal hujah sahabatnya itu.

"Kalau begitu, hanya Allah dan Rasul-Nya sahaja yang lebih mengetahui," jawab seorang sahabat lagi, mengakui kelemahan mereka.

"Kalau kamu ingin tahu siapa mereka?

Mereka ialah umatku yang hidup selepasku.
Mereka membaca Al Quran
dan beriman dengan semua isinya.

Berbahagialah orang yang dapat berjumpa dan beriman denganku.
Dan tujuh kali lebih berbahagia orang yang beriman denganku tetapi tidak pernah berjumpa denganku," jelas Rasulullah.

"Aku sungguh rindu hendak bertemu dengan mereka,"
ucap Rasulullah lagi setelah seketika membisu. Ada berbaur kesayuan pada ucapannya itu.


Think: R we worth to be missed by Rasulullah s.a.w? Did we practise what being preached? Did we lived to what we were told? Are we too concern with now rather than what to come?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

la di da day~

Awal2 pagi sudah exercise... up n down the stairs... hahaha
To make a story short.. at first sasak ku jua lah sama Monica Sherlox atu... waaahhhh sangat la pemajal. Sampai cara ku duduk atu pun ia kan komplen. Ok, maybe his intention is well lah... but sometimes, u know lah kan, never are we fond of ppl who loves to make them 'mr know it all'. Nada kan? Sometimes, boring jua lah leh nya. I'll need/ require some times to get used to this.
Skali nya, life wise.. same o same o... nada jua amazing nya... ooo apart from this Molten Chocolate Cake I ate arah Tez Amour @ Wisma Yakin. Delicious-so~ Nganya sikit.. seriously, harga nya $6.50 ah tadi... not worth it!!!

My favorite tag-line of the day "Someday, you'll find a guy who can surprise you"


Friday, February 5, 2010

For the better me...

I've been reading a lot of blogs and I think Allah has given me his hidayah in a very subtle way.
I hope he will always provide me his guidance and his support through out my journey and I hope everything that I've done up to now, with all the hiccups and all, will always with his blessings.

I hope to see further improvements on my self, I even set that as part of my 2010 goal...
- As much as I can, try to wear Hijab when going out.
- To pray on the right time, and as much as possible, try not to skip it.
- Wake up early, utk sembahyang Subuh.
- Try not to buy useless stuff .... save money for Haji.
- No more online shopping.. use less credit card. Pay Credit card slowly.
- Stay healthy. Keep doing sports.. exercise.. jaga makan.

I hope I can achieve these goals... and be more discipline in executing them. Insyallah...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I don't know of thats thr correct spelling but wateverrr... Neway i actually wanted to blog yesterday but i was too freaking tired. Its amazing how too much thinking can tire u out easily... I wish thinking could burns calories as well. Then i like to think all the time.
So yesterday was quite an extraordinary day. First my expats colleague immitating my friend who was talking with her mouth full leaving us dumbfounded. When he realised that we stopped talking he then said "I m sorry... I just can't help it. It sounds funny..." I laughed at my friend. I am amazed that I can actually understand her with her mouth full.
Then I had an interview sessions with all my high school mates back in PJN. Apparently, BT would like to make a scoop about Science Class in KB n we were like the first intake for that.
At first it was quite apalling, but after that it was just plain so so.
I am quite disappointed really... Initially I tawt that the intetview was something like what we have been doing so far... Success stories... What were the good memories we can remember in the school.. Things like that. But it was the way around~
I may not a journalist but I am a bit curious... Shouldn't a journalist atleast be a lil bit prepared on the scoop he is planning to do? I am quite apalled actually on the first question he asked us 'what exactly is science class?' ehhh watttt???
I mean u would like to make a stoy about science class, shouldn't you atleast know this bit?? Not making sense i tell you. Its like attending a function without knowing what the fuction is about!!!
And what i am not happy with... He seems to be listening to only one person. Bless him for being able to answer all those questions... For me, I just don't see the relevant of asking that question to us, like why make a science class in KB, why choose this school, what's so special with this class??
How the eff should we know this stuff. All i know is, its high school !!! I come to learn new stuff... Make new friends. Isn't that what a child supposed to feel???? Wouldn't it be better to ask these questions to the person who started this off????
And it doesn't help that I feel the current management feels that now is better than our years!!! Of course it should be!!! That's what we would like to see... Improvements!!! But then, don't you hink because the foundation is there, thats y it is achieved? And don't you think because of Science Class, everyhing is much better???
So now i wonder what the outcome would be. I think it is much better if those questions were asked to our principal at that time.
Right i think that is long enough.... Until next time